Couple Counseling Intensive & Marathon Sessions

Couple Counseling Intensive & Marathon Sessions

The Benefits of Intensive & Marathon Counseling:

Think of Intensive & Marathon Sessions as an extreme relationship makeover.  

  • The method used in this marriage retreat are based on the research of Dr. John Gottman.  Why Gottman?  Science . . . this approach to relationship health has been developed from over 40 years of research.
  • Most importantly, it is designed for couples to change the trajectory of their relationship in a shorter period of time than traditional weekly counseling.  This condensed, highly focused approach can help couples move more quickly through specific issues.
  • Marathon intensive sessions offer flexibility in scheduling to meet your unique needs. Sessions can range from 3 hours up to 3 days.
  • The private setting gives you ample, uninterrupted time to devote to your relationship.
  • Marathon therapy can help move couples from thinking of ending their relationship to recommitting in new ways. It can also start premarital couples on the right track to have a life-time of relationship satisfaction.

Who is a candidate?

  • Couples who understand this process does not allow partners to exist with secrets
  • Couples who want to make changes quickly
  • Couples who busy lives
  • Couples who work out of town or struggle with setting aside time for weekly appointments
  • Couples who have experienced a crisis and need to rapidly shift gears in their relationship

Who would not be a candidate?

  • Couples who have an intention to keep secrets
  • Couples who are not committed to the intensive nature of this process
  • Couples who are struggling with active drug and/or alcohol addiction
  • When there is an ongoing or undisclosed affair
  • When there is serious violence in the relationship
  • If one partner is suicidal or suffers from a serious mental illness

How Do The Intensives Work?

Before you arrive:

  • Once a marathon session is booked, the process starts immediately with a confidential online questionnaire completed by each partner. The assessment is a tool created by The Gottman Institute.  It illuminates the dynamics of the relationship, highlighting the strengths and areas of concern, as well as what the hopes are for counseling.

During the intensive:

  • When you arrive for Day 1 of the marriage retreat, you start with the 3-hour Relationship Assessment.  You both will meet with me to talk about the history of your relationship, detailing the twists and turns that helped you arrive at the current state of concern. I will then see you each individually.
  • After the break, I will share with you all that I have learned in your couples meeting, on-line assessments and individual sessions to talk with you about your relationship strengths and areas of concern. We will discuss the goals for therapy and explain the process of Gottman Method Couples Therapy. Once all are in agreement, you dive right into the therapeutic process, working to achieve those intentions.
  • Most intensives are scheduled for 6 hours each day. You will spend 3 hours in the morning and another 3 hours after lunch with short breaks during the 3-hour blocks.  During the intensive you can expect to gain new skills and tools to build your friendship, manage conflict and create shared meaning.  You will work to repair regrettable incidents and have an opportunity to break through previously unsolvable gridlocked issues.

After you attend:

  • After the inclusion of the intensive therapy sessions, you will be encouraged to return for follow up sessions to assure the benefits are maintained.