Virtual Therapy

Virtual Therapy

  • Shut in by the COVID-19 pandemic, and needing support for anxiety or relational distress?
  • Needing the freedom and convenience of online therapy due to frequent work travel, young children, traffic, or whatever limitations you may be facing?

Wade Counseling of Frisco, PLLC has been providing telehealth services for several years. We utilize HIPAA secure technology and are at ease in navigating it. Most importantly, we know how to connect with you through the screen to establish a trusted therapeutic relationship that will help you in your journey of making meaningful change.


  • Race-based Anxiety
  • Race-based Stress
  • Race-based Trauma
  • Couple Intimacy & Conflict
  • Emotional & Physical Affairs
  • Dating & Pre-marital Concerns
  • Adolescent Individual & Family Struggles
  • LGBTQIA Identity & Relationships
  • Corporate Couples
  • Adjustment & Life Transitions
  • Loneliness, Disconnection & Loss
  • Anxiety, Mood Swings & Stress

With the COVID-19 Pandemic, now more than ever, we’re all in need of being able to make contact with trusted therapists to help support our mental and relational health through this very unpredictable and trying time.

For anyone who is looking for an easily accessible option to get quality Psychotherapy state wide and you are not able to come into the office, this is for you. All you need is a webcam, privacy, and reliable internet connection.

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What You Should Know:

  • All New Patient Forms must be completed; No exceptions.
  • Sessions must to be paid for prior to start time.
  • There are diagnostic exceptions with whom I will work. I reserve the right to refuse to accept a case I believe that will be unethical to treat the virtual format.